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Great content is more than just words on a website – it is rocket fuel for your business.

By getting your valuable content on the first page of Google, you can reach a wider audience, build trust with people, and establish your brand as a thought leader. After that, it’s a LOT easier to convince people to buy from you.

It’s not voodoo magic.

It’s not an expensive wild goose chase.

It’s modern marketing, proven time and time again.

Unfortunately, the digital landscape just keeps on moving. It’s not easy to keep up, and many people struggle to understand what their online business needs to grow.

Cyber Juice is a platform where forward-thinking corporations, entrepreneurs, and startup ventures can get that rocket fuel they need. For now, it’s my glorified portfolio, but in time, Cyber Juice will grow beyond digital marketing services to offer a blog, industry news, tips, and much more.

Why "Cyber Juice"?

I wanted a term that could mean “news” and “fuel” to communicate what this site offers in terms of industry insights and growth marketing services. I had my eyes on the name “Digital Juice” , but as it was already taken, I opted for the edgy, futuristic “Cyber Juice”, which works well considering my focus on innovative niches, including AI, machine learning, SaaS, cybersecurity, and MarTech. The fact that it mirrors my own initials is just a happy coincidence!

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Who Am I?


With a passion for creative writing, and a unquenchable thirst to learn about futuristic tech, Christopher John Haughey segued from a journalism degree into copywriting, and has since become a digital marketing specialist.

You can see his published work on the blogs of many exciting new tech startups and renowned brands in the digital marketing space, including Single Grain, Digital Marketing Institute, and EngageBay.

As a copywriter, conversion copy is his forte. So, in addition to blogs and case studies, he is the ghostwriter behind many compelling landing pages and optimized websites across several major industries, including software, retail, healthcare, automotive, and insurance.

Check out his Portfolio to discover more.

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