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In addition to ghostwriting for well-known entrepreneurs in the digital marketing world, such as Eric Siu, Ron Sela, and Robbie Richards, I’ve worked with many large companies and exciting new startup ventures in SaaS, eCommerce, AI, and Data Analytics. You can check out some of my best published works below.

Long-form Blogs

Single Grain is a “business-changing agency” that Eric Siu bought for $2, before transforming it into a multi-million dollar marketing powerhouse.

Since October 2019, I’ve produced multiple articles for the company, including some major updates to top-ranking content written by Eric Siu himself.

My post for Single Grain has secured the featured snippet for its main keyword,
ranking above all other organic results.

And that's not all...

Thanks to its high ranking in search engines, this blog post helps Single Grain receive about 2,200 visitors every month, which is all organic traffic valued at $3,200.

Best of all, this is no one-off trick.

“As the Content Manager and editor, all posts must go through me to get published and, to be frank, many writers make it extremely difficult for me to NOT poke my eyeballs out with my red pencil. Not so with CJ! He is a meticulous researcher, talented writer and super easy person to work with. He has written a handful of articles for Single Grain and most are on the first page of the SERPs — or even at #1, like 9 Podcast Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020, for example. Would not hesitate to recommend him for your content needs!”

Selena Templeton

Editorial Content Manager, Single Grain

Check out more of my top-ranking posts for Single Grain below

And there are plenty of other brands benefiting from my content marketing expertise...

EngageBay is an emerging force in the SaaS industry, competing directly with the juggernauts of HubSpot and Marketo with an all-in-one CRM platform. 
I have written 10+ long-form articles for EngageBay, helping them build greater brand awareness to establish their voice within the market.
Springboard is an educational platform that offers courses for in-demand tech skills, such as data science, machine learning, and cybersecurity.
I have created multiple articles for the Springboard blog, offering the global community in-depth insights on the most innovative technologies and careers today.

Martech Gazette is an enterprising startup and focused community of expert marketers who offer insights on marketing technology, trends, and techniques for other marketers.

As the chief copywriter and managing editor, I was instrumental in helping the company get started online in 2018, as the company blog generated a 35% increase in leads.

How Blockchain Can Change Marketing
Essential Qualities of the Modern CMO
How the Latest Trends Can Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

Case Studies

Digital Marketing Institute focuses on addressing the digital skills shortage, helping professionals get certified to work for giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

I’m a regular contributor to the DMI Exclusive Members Platform, where some of my case studies are trending higher than any other content. #blowingmytrumpet

Slack: Blowing Up the Business Communications Realm
Gimlet Media: Leading the Podcast Industry to its Golden Era
theSkimm: Disrupting News Media and Making Email Cool Again

Huemor is an award-winning web design and development company, offering incredible design and UX services to all industries.

As a lead copywriter, I produced most of the case studies on the company website. These provide fantastic social proof, helping Huemor win more clients to grow their business.

Quirk Creative (Video creation company)
HeforShe (Global gender equality movement)
CoverFX (Beauty eCommerce)

Web Copywriting

Centivo is a new type of health plan that allows self-funded employers and clinicians to join forces and deliver high quality, affordable healthcare to their employees.

Buoyed by $34M in funding, the company wanted a new website to take their vision to the next level. I produced the copy for the new website, helping Centivo reach the masses with their brand message.

Our Story
For Employees


Fishbat is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency based in New York City. As they promise high-impact, high visibility results for their clients, they needed a new website that talked the talk.

Enter CJ – that’s me! – the copywriter the fishbat team needed to give their website the punch their customers deserve. Um, wait…ah, you know what I mean. 



Landing Pages

Julia McCoy is the CEO and founder of Express Writers, a leading content marketing agency with over 90 contract freelance writers. 

As one of the authority writers in her agency, I produced this landing page for her course, helping her attract more leads, and close sales of $997 per person. 

The Practical Content Strategy & Marketing Course


Huemor is an award-winning web design and development company, offering incredible design and UX services to all industries.

As a lead copywriter, I produced most of the content on the new website, including all key service pages, helping bring the company’s brand vision and voice to life.

Ecommerce Development services page
SaaS expertise services page
B2B expertise services page

Web Design & Development

HBA Distribution is a leading B2B supplier of car parts and tools in Ireland. The company needed help with digital transformation.

I designed and developed a new website with a focus on SEO, visual content, and human-centric marketing. This has led to a 30% increase in web traffic, and a boost in online sales.

HBA Distribution website


Powerstore is the sister company of HBA Distribution, focused on selling car parts and tools directly to consumers in Northern Ireland.

As with HBA, I designed and developed a new company website, which has led to an increase in site traffic, new leads, and brand awareness.

Powerstore website


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