What I Do

Conversion Copywriting

Tailor-made for You

I’ll take the time to speak with you about your specific needs and goals, and I’ll learn all about your brand voice and ideal customer. From there, I’ll create bespoke copy that engages your audience on a personal level, driving them to take action.

Multiple Options to Consider

I’m good, but I’m not so arrogant to believe I’ll hit the nail on the head with every shot in a huge project. That’s why I’ll give you multiple alternatives to choose from for titles, taglines, and short elements on each page. With options to choose from, you’re sure to find a winner.

Collaborative Editing

Through Google Docs and Slack, I’m readily available to make changes to live docs. First drafts are shared, and through a friendly back-n-forth in the comments section, I’ll channel your vision to craft a final product you’re ecstatic about.

Article Writing

Blogs that Belong on Page #1 of Google

There are blog articles, and then there are straight-up content masterpieces. Your audience wants the latter, and I can help you deliver. When you have expert content, bolstered with in-depth research, citations, stats, and facts from authority sources, you’ll soon rank high on Google.

Storytelling and Structure for the Readers of Today

You may have heard that people have a goldfish memory. They want interesting visuals and captivating storytelling. I use clever copywriting techniques and clear structure to hook your readers from start to finish, ensuring they never get bored. Done right, you’ll offer content that people will love, ensuring they come back for more!

Making You a Thought Leader

Sure, ranking high is important, but your readers are paramount. With my help, you won’t just please the robots in Google, you’ll get the attention you deserve from your followers. That means more social proof, more shares, and ultimately, more sales.

Email Sequences

Personalized for Your Audience

Email may not have the same flashy appeal as new marketing technology, but it’s still a powerful force. I help your brand tap into its potential by using email to build a relationship with your followers. Through personalized sequences, you’ll soon win the trust of subscribers.

Measurable Success

Whatever your goal may be, email marketing is sure to help you get there. Through segmentation and data tracking, you can gauge the performance of these specialist email campaigns, making it easy to adjust and improve so you can maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Multiple Subject Line Options

The subject line is the most vital aspect of email marketing. I’ll give you options to play with, which is great for A/B testing so you can find what works best for your audience.

Free Quote

Need something different?

Can’t find the perfect service? Let me know a little more about your project, and I’ll create a special price just for you.